Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award


I don’t normally take part in these awards but I was nominated twice by two special bloggers and felt it would be important to acknowledge the awareness they’ve raised about their mental health journeys.

That said, I am changing things up a bit and instead of nominating others, invite any of  you to answer the questions if you dare 🙂 I don’t want to single out bloggers and appreciate all of your blogs, hence I follow you! In typical “Who are you calling sensitive” style, the questions are mostly linked to therapy and wellness. My questions are at the bottom so you”ll first see the way I answered the questions thrown at me.


Penny Lane‘s questions:

1, If money was no object, what would your first purchase be? Paying for a close friend to attend therapy sessions because she is going through a rough patch but can’t afford to get help.
2, Who is your favourite author? What a cracker of a question. I feel too bad to only name one. But I love detective, investigative and criminal fiction, fantasy and psychology, neuroscience and philosophy books.
3, Where do you see yourself in ten years? If all goes well, I’d like to be a fully-actualised person who has a compassionate internal voice and a strong sense of purpose, using what I have to help other people improve their lives.
4, What’s your most embarrassing moment? X-rated unfortunately. But I often trip up stairs and on flat surfaces. Oh yes, and I went to therapy one day with a big hole at the back of my pants. DS said he didn’t notice and would have said something!
5, What was the last song you listened to? Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift.
6, What was your favourite holiday? When we went on honeymoon to a tropical island. We immersed ourselves in the culture and ate exotic meals.
7, What are three things that annoy you? People who target the vulnerable, racism and the sound of those chewing with their mouth open.
8, what is your favourite quote/saying? Like snowflakes, the human pattern is never cast twice. We are uncommonly and marvellously intricate I’m thought and pattern… American actress and novelist Alice Childress.
9, Favourite meal? Depends on whether I feel healthy or not. Healthy meal- chicken stirfry. Less healthy- spaghetti bolognaise.
10, Do you believe in love at first sight? I believe in lust at first sight. I think love cannot be based on visual impact alone but on a profound and sustained connection with a like-minded soul.

Wandering thru the wilderness’s questions:

1) What is your favorite color? Turquoise
2) What is your favorite book? Not again!
3) Who is/was your most positive influence? My gran. She gifted me with some sense of self-worth, sturdy table manners, good posture and a belief in my imagination.
4) Do you prefer sweet or salty? Sweet.
5) What is your favorite charity? SPCA.
6) What is your biggest pet peeve? People who don’t clean up after themselves.
7) Name something exciting on your ‘bucket list’. I want to be able to speak French and explore Paris and the countryside.
8) What is your favorite movie? Love Actually.
9) What do you do to relax? I change into comfy, soft clothes, find a quiet space and read books or psychology articles with a cup of steaming green tea.
10) What is your hobby? Ballet, knitting, cycling, drawing.

My questions:

1) What is your favourite TED talk?
2) How do you recharge your batteries?
3) What has been your most memorable moment in therapy?
4) Complete the sentence: The way to romance me is to…
5) What’s your first thought when you open your eyes in the morning?
6) Your favorite candy or chocolate?
7) Who would you least want to be stuck in a lift with and why?
8) If your life were a book, what would the title be?
9) Craziest dream you’ve had?
10) What does your therapist not know about you?

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4 thoughts on “Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

  1. hellokalykitty says:

    1). I’ve never listened to a TED talk :/
    2). I read, write, or paint.
    3). When I started thinking of myself as a person.
    4) show me you truly want to understand me
    5) are the kids awake 🙂
    6) sour apple jolly ranchers
    7) I don’t know. There are so many :/
    8) not yet finished 😉
    9) I was in a mountainside and watched the end of the world
    10). So very very much :/

    • Jay says:

      Love your answers and all the emoticons! I was touched by your most memorable moment in therapy… such a significant but hard milestone to achieve.

  2. Ok..
    1) My Favorite TED talk is either “Taylor Mali: What Teachers Make” or “Rita Pierson: Every Child Needs a Champion”
    2) I go sit by the lake alone or spend time with a book to recharge– or sleep!
    3) My most memorable moment in therapy was when I broke down crying for the first time.
    4) The way to romance me is to pay all the bills, help with the house, listen to me and tell me I’m not crazy. I’m simple!
    5) Did someone let the dogs out? Is my first morning thought.
    6) hmmm… Cotton Candy or Peanut Patties are my favorite candies.
    7) I would least like to be stuck anywhere with my stepmother. She hates me.
    8) a book of my life would be titled “Who’s That Girl?” Or “What the Hell is She Doing NOW?”
    9) My craziest dream consists of me, an underwater world in a bubble & men who did all the work…
    10) My therapist does not know the extend of my trauma as a child. :-/
    Good questions!

    • Jay says:

      Thank you for sharing a bit more about yourself here 🙂 I can’t wait to check out your best TED talks! It seems we are very similar in needing to be alone with a book to recharge.

      I laughed at your book titles… I especially identify with the second one!

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